The Cochise County Herbarium

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The Cochise County Herbarium Volunteer Staff
James Mustard is the current Curator of the Cochise County Herbarium. James trained and worked as an archaeologist in the southwest, identifying plant remains in archaeological assemblages, and determining the relationships between people, plants and the environment. Much of his time is spent out west, working in historic restoration as a full time job. Since 2010, he has collected and identified numerous plant specimens for the CCH, and was enlisted by Cecile Lumer to collect plants for the Ash Canyon Fire Study. Some of his favorite places to visit and study plants are in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Bob Ballard previously served as the Curator of the Cochise County Herbarium. He is a retired civilian from the Department of the Navy, where he worked as advisor to the users of airborne electronics intelligence collecting systems. Bob enjoys travel. He and his wife, on their own, have visited 16 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Bob also enjoys birding. He has seen over 1300 species of birds. Besides being an active swimmer, bicyclist, and runner, he also enjoys collecting and studying plants. Prior to coming to Sierra Vista, Bob and his wife lived for five years in Mexico.

Mimi Kamp has been involved in botany and native plant medicine in southern Arizona and northern Mexico for over 30 years. Her extensive career includes illustrating several botanical books, monitoring endangered species and conducting botanical inventories. Today, she teaches classes, leads plant walks and workshops with a focus on plant identification, habitat awareness, local plant medicine, and the uses of plant/flower essences. Mimi prepares herbal extracts, has a consultation practice and continues doing botanical inventories. Her association with the Cochise County Herbarium brings a particularly joyful focus to her life-long work with plants.

Virginia Bealer is retired after teaching health, biology and ecology for 32 years for Sierra Vista Public Schools. Now that she has time to indulge her interest in the natural world, she is volunteering at the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, as well as the Cochise County Herbarium where she is becoming more familiar with local flora with the help of Cecile, Cindy and Mimi. She has enjoyed observing ecosystems in Europe, Central and South America, Africa and Australia.

Bob Herrmann grew up on the east side of Tucson discovering the plants and animals of the desert. His childhood knowledge of the Southeastern Arizona desert and mountains developed into a love for all the plants and animals that inhabit them. With the coming of the digital camera he quickly started photographing those plants and animals. His photographs of the area have won ribbons from the Huachuca and Tombstone Art Associations. His nature photographs are used by the Friends of the San Pedro River, Friends of the Huachuca Mountains, Arizona Native Plant Society, Huachuca Audubon Society and now the Cochise County Herbarium whom he says helped him greatly in identifying the plants he photographs in Cochise County.

Carol Campbell (bio pending ...)

Honorary Staff and Volunteers
The following individuals have made substantial contributions to the Cochise County Herbarium over the years.

Cecile Lumer, a native New Yorker, has a Ph.D. in Botany with a specialization in pollination and plant-animal interactions. She has lived and conducted research in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and New Mexico. A former resident of Bisbee, Arizona, she now lives in New York where she continues to indulge her passion for plants. She is the former Curator of the Cochise County Herbarium, which she initiated in 2002.

Dave Bly was born near Spring Valley, Minnesota. He joined the US Navy at 17 and bought his first 35mm camera. His travels and photography took him to islands through out the Pacific. During the remainder of his working career as an Electronic Technical Representative and Federal Employee, Dave lived and photographed in the Middle East, Europe, Far East and North America. His specialties are landscapes, scenics and close-up (Macro) photography. Dave volunteers his camera and time to Coronado National Memorial, Friends of the San Pedro River, The Nature Conservancy and Cochise County Herbarium. Dave and wife Cathy live in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Cindy Sprecher has lived in the Sierra Vista area for four years. She moved here from Seattle after retiring from a 27 year career as a research scientist. She originally chose this area because it is one of the top bird watching locations in the country, but has since discovered the wonderful plants and natural history of the area. Cindy also volunteers for the Nature Conservancy at Ramsey Canyon Preserve, and she and her partner spent 15 months as the on-the-site hosts for the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve in Patagonia. Their passion for bird watching has taken them to many exotic locations including Mexico, Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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