The Cochise County Herbarium

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Plant Identifications
    If you have a plant that you need help identifying, there are several options:

      1) We would be glad to identify naturally growing or naturalized plants for you. You can bring native plants into the herbarium to add to the herbarium collection. Staff members may be able to identify the plant and make a professional dried herbarium sheet for the plant. Usually plants are collected during a flowering period for herbarium sheets, but it may be possible to identify the plant during other periods.

      If you have horticultural specimens needing identification or plant problems, please contact the Cochise County Master Gardeners at:

      2) You can send a photo of the plant as an email attachment to (cut and paste this Herbarium email address and send from your email program with accompanying plant photo and description):

      Please include the date, location, email address, photographers name, and attach one or more in-focus photos of the plant. The image should be less than 2MB in size, and in jpg, png, bmp, or gif format.
      Please indicate if you would like to give permission for possible use on the herbarium website. Note that not all plants can be identified by a photo. It may be necessary to bring the plant in to the herbarium.

      Email (or contact info):
      Permission (optional, choose one):
      1) public domain - can use for any purpose
      2) copyright - please do not use
      3) fair use  - contributors retain the full copyright for their images. Unless stated
       otherwise, images are made available under the "Fair Use" provision of the U.S. Copyright Law
       ( They may be used only for personal or educational use and are NOT
       available for commercial use unless permission is first obtained from the copyright holder. 
       If any image is used in a non-commercial publication, report, or as a web link, one must credit
       the photographer as well as the name of the website hosting the image. If you have any doubt or
       questions regarding the use of an image, contact the author or the site manager.

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